Cast and Crew Screening

What a fantastic night! On September 5th, the majority of our cast and crew came together to celebrate the years of hard work that went into making The Merry Maids of Madness.  Thank you to the New Mexico Film Office and the South Broadway Cultural Center for making this possible.  It is an incredibly rare occasion that you get to work with such a talented, kind and genuinely delightful group of people. The whole event was a night to remember. We are so thankful for the warm response the film has received from our hometown of Albuquerque. New Mexico made this film possible and for that we are forever grateful. 

As Nick would say, "you warm my heart."


Some of our Maids gather for a picture. Christy Lopez (Lady B) Amy Baklini (Tonya) Jenn Daugherty (Beatrice/screenwriter) Rebekah Wiggins (Viola) Amy Bourque (Ophelia) Madi Frost (Julie).

Daniel T. Cornish (Nick Bottom) and Jenn Daugherty (Beatrice)

Our producing team, Phillip Hughes, Jean Jacobson, Kelly M. Stone and Carmela Starace.

Phillip Hughes (Director) with actress Amy Baklini.

Actress and Screenwriter Jenn Daugherty with makeup artist extraordinaire, Ashley Griego.

Security guard Steve (actor Doug Montoya) ready for duty.

Our delightful costume designer, Matthew Voss.

Corey Weintraub (Director of Photography), Phillip Hughes (Director) and Morgan Estill (Colorist and DIT).

Daniel T. Cornish (Nick Bottom) steals a kiss from actresses Rebekah Wiggins and Jenn Daugherty.


Director Phillip Hughes poses with his veteran actors Jenn Daugherty and Jason Witter (Barry).

Actresses Jenn Daugherty and Amy Bourque.

Actress Madi Frost and her delightful guest, Dane Hjeresen.

Actor Aaron Hendren (The Donut Dude).

Maria Friesen (Editor) with delightful guest Carl Hansen.

Actresses Alaina Warren Zachary and Lynda Fazio pose, saving room for their missing witch, Debi Kierst who was unable to attend.

Actresses Amy Baklini, Jenn Daugherty and Rebekah Wiggins.

Morgan Estill (Colorist and DIT) and Jannis Schelenz (2nd AC)

Cynthia Suchomel (Script Supervisor) poses with her daughter.

Actors Paul Richard Rodriguez (Pistol), Peter Diseth (Will) and Kate Costello (Portia).

Actors Doug Montoya and Madi Frost show everyone how to properly execute a red carpet photo.

Mathew Voss (Costume Designer), Vanessa Real (Production Coordinator) and Catherine Ames (2nd Assistant Director).

Actress Christy Lopez poses with her dapper guest, Bryan Chapman.

Morgan Estill and Corey Weintraub demonstrate how to class up a cast and crew screening.

Awesome creative couple, actress Amy Baklini and cinematographer Corey Weintraub pose for the camera.

Actor Daniel T. Cornish poses with his lovely and equally talented wife, Tiffani.

Our witches, actresses Lynda Fazio and Alaina Warren Zachary.

Actress Jenn Daugherty and director Phillip Hughes with Executive Producers, Maureen and Michael Gannon.

Actresses Alisia Downing (Nurse Debbie) and Alaina Warren Zachary (Norma).

Actor Mathew Alexander (Nurse Dennis) and husband Alan King smile for the camera.

Go Maids!

It's official, The Merry Maids of Madness has been submitted to film festivals. We can't wait to see what our comedy about the women of Shakespeare does in the great, wide world.

In September we had our cast and crew screening in Albuquerque, NM. What a fantastic night! We are so thankful for the warm and positive response to our indie film. Here are just a few pictures from the event (more to come soon).



Wishing everyone (states side) a very happy Thanksgiving.

Signing off now with the promise of more news and our official trailer coming soon!